Britain Slaps 2-Week Quarantine on Travelers from Spain 

With no warning, Britain decided late Saturday to remove Spain from its safe-travel list and impose a two-week quarantine on all travelers entering the country from Spain.  “Everyone is panicking” over the quarantine order, said one British tourist in Spain. But Britain’s Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, is making no apologies for the sudden move, saying the measure is needed because of a recent jump in Spanish COVID-19 cases. “We can’t make apologies…we must be able to take swift, decisive action,” he told Sky News. FILE – Kim Song Ju Primary School students have their temperatures checked in Pyongyang, North Korea, June 3, 2020. After months of denying it had any coronavirus infections, North Korea reported its first suspected case July 25, 2020.North Korea has reported its first suspected COVID-19 case, blaming an alleged defector who it said recently reentered the country.  The government has denied the presence of any coronavirus infections for months.   The state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, “The person was put under strict quarantine as a primary step and all the persons in Kaesong City who contacted that person and those who have been to the city in the last five days are being thoroughly investigated, given medical examination and put under quarantine.” South Africa reported 12,000 new coronavirus cases Sunday.  Its response to the pandemic, however, is being hampered by corruption allegations surrounding its $26 billion economic relief package.  An investigation is underway.  South Africa has the fifth largest number of COVID-19 infections, with more than 434,000 cases.   The U.S. has the most cases at 4.1 million, followed by Brazil with 2.3 million, India with 1.3 million, and Russia with more than 800,000.