Iran: ‘Human Error’ Caused Ukraine Crash

Iran claims “human error” was responsible for the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane earlier this year that killed all 176 people on board.The Iranian Civil Aviation authority said late Saturday, “A failure occurred due to a human error in following the procedure” for aligning the radar.The misalignment caused a “107-degree error” in the system, Iran said.On the same night of the plane downing, Iran had launched a ballistic missile attack targeting U.S. soldiers in Iran.The attack was in response to the killing of one of Iran’s top generals in a U.S. missile strike in Iraq.Scenes of Mourning, Anger in Wake of Ukraine Plane CrashIranian officials, after days of denials, admitted Jan. 11, 2020, that Tehran was responsible for mistakenly downing a Ukrainian airliner early on Jan. 8. Iran’s admission sparked anti-government protests in Tehran. Demonstrators gathered at two universities, where some called for the resignation of their country’s leaders.